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General Questions

Fenose is an online real estate listing platform which allows users to post and manage their property listings. We serve as a marketing platform, connecting property owners with potential buyers and renters.

No, we do not own the properties listed. Our platform serves as a bridge between property owners and those interested in renting or purchasing properties.

To begin your journey with us, please click on the 'Sign In' button at the top of the page, and then select 'Create Account' to set up your new user profile. Once your account is active, you are ready to showcase your property to potential buyers or renters. Simply post photographs of your property along with the necessary details for a nominal fee. Ensure you adhere to our listing guidelines to facilitate smooth approval by our administrative team. We're excited to assist you in marketing your property!

To list your property, create an account, take photos of your property only, and submit your listing through our online portal. You can choose to upload the photos yourself or opt for our professional photography service.

Yes, lawyers and agents are welcome to list properties on behalf of their clients. To ensure the authenticity of our listings, we require you to upload a photo showing you holding a valid ID, with your face clearly visible to match the ID. This is a crucial step for the approval of your listing. Please be assured that this photo is strictly for verification purposes and to enhance our Know Your Customer (KYC) practices. It will not be released to the public or shared without your consent. However, it's important to note that in the rare event of an investigation related to fraud or legal inquiries, we may be compelled to release this information to law enforcement agencies to comply with legal obligations. Our commitment to privacy is paramount, but we must also adhere to the law and ensure the safety and integrity of our platform.

Listing Questions

Yes, there is a subscription fee to list your property. Your listing will be marked as pending until the subscription fee is paid and our admin team approves your listing.

Absolutely! You have full control to edit and update your listing at any time through your user dashboard.

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